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My major love is writing, but equally drawing is something I enjoy as well. If I'm stuck at drawing, I write, if I'm stuck at writing I draw (or excersise), either way I enjoy both. I also have political drawings in my collections as well. Yes I do commissions, on necklaces, pom-pom creatures and more. Just ask. Not all of my gallery is composed of sketchy drawings. I post them up when I practice :)


Many things..

Wed Jan 28, 2015, 5:37 PM

Yep, many things on my mind: of importance with switching things, health, budgeting, debt all that. I might not be on here as often. Computer issue until fixed, and more. Trying to spend more time thinking things over all with asking for God's will, wisdom and such. I'm thankful for many sunny days, though chilly, and other things!

'God will provide' vs self-sufficiency. It's so easy to be like "My IQ is 120", rich, healthy, great family blah blah vs middle class or the poor.  Things can be taken for granted easily.

Others do not have it so easy, and life has struggles. 

Stress is another factor.

Being positive and negative is another factor. It is easy to be more positive when one is healthy, wealth and wise! Not so when one isn't, contentment or waiting on the LORD or being in HIS peace is another. This too factors into provision. 

There are two views really that I've been ruminating on:

Waiting on God to supply oneself or combo over it. Christians (Christ-followers)  have another mindset that one is 'in' not 'of' the world, hence the goal to be more like Christ, (not apostles), which are not perfect and slip-up and sin, not on purpose.

It's hard to wait, or rest or even recover when one has things need done or want to do, but spending time with God's Word is important not just being out there to serve. I know I haven't as much been in God's Word during the year in 2014, long story.


So, this has been it.

The med's side effects (hip pain, hair thinning, after seeing doc possible boneless etc) have been hard on certain functions for me, so please forgive me for not being on as much or forgetting things etc. Only one Being knows that is God about each second. Might be back sooner or later but got tons of paperwork for medical scans. Whatever trial, test, attack you call it (for Christian language), hopefully will share the good that God works from it.

As a signpost can say "Work in progress". Such is it. I'm thankful for God's blessings, and other deep things. Maybe, one day have even more good news. I'm thankful for solid food so far, trying to see what I can eat is another issue. I'm wondering about certain symptoms and up to God on it.

With the economy the way it is, wars, bloodmoons, asteroids, all that jazz hopefully Jesus comes soon, whether we are in the tribulation or not. Not getting all preachy, but from what I see people will still mock this, that's fine. Ask yourself this for those who think the Anti-Christ that Christians talk about is fiction and noone can do that. How can one man control the world?

If there is economic crash, someone has to have hidden wealth in cash, or stored food somewhere to have  power to make such laws, be a position of also force by military.

A)If all control of peoples lives are put under one person through possible debt maybe?

B)Computer systems (mentally connected to like a hive possibly), or chip in your hand or head like we have and for 'security' reasons you may only buy, sell, etc with this. (Head-choice thoughts) (Hand physical)

C) Force.

D) Peace some how? 

E)Combo of these

F) Another option

Just today read about possible food shortages in the news as the beef, wheat and such prices go up, and population by like 2050 increasing in humans. Also, got to thinking when reading in Genesis  about Joseph and Pharaoh in the time of famine. Now, granted whether you believe the bible is fact or fiction, an element remains about being in wealth, having the knowledge (from a dream that God sent through Joseph is a side note not in this equation) to store grain for the whole kingdom ahead of time is another. There is another article out on the web about saving seeds for some government program. 

This can work for one man (beast really) to take over.

It's just some random thoughts. Now, as to what one should stock up food, water all that--that's another. I mean even if you could get six months supply would a working government be working in this time? Not to mention thieves.

Well, I hope this has made you think of things also. How many of you also have student loan debt? Or did you get scholarships? How many of you thought (for Christians) God owned the banks and loans are okay? Or maybe you realized that it was best to work and not have debt? 

Your take on what's happening when the stocks were low, the issues in the world today.

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I don't know about you most people when yelling in novels, often a  mark follows. I heard something about one mark per 10,000 words or something. Granted it can be over done like a kid's sappy story.

It was super duper sad! I tell ya! Sad!

Without it, "Hey," he said, doesn't have the same feel as , "Hey!". The first seems more like a regular hi than enthusiastic 'hey' to someone annoying them or glad to see them.
So, you don't want to make a cake for one couple at your own facility-fined.
Don't want to drive a truck with a substance against your religion-not fined but sue for being fired.

What gives?…

My take, have another make a cake for a gay couple that works there that is not of one faith.

My take, have another route for the person of another religion to not haul something that is against their religion.


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