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Missingmuse by DryBonesReborn Missingmuse :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 3 Happy Belated Birthday Grune Gobby! by DryBonesReborn Happy Belated Birthday Grune Gobby! :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 3 2 Mixedmideawomanpractice by DryBonesReborn Mixedmideawomanpractice :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 2 GestureHWfilse20142 by DryBonesReborn
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GestureHWfilse20142 :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 0 0
GestureHWfilse20141 by DryBonesReborn GestureHWfilse20141 :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 0 6
They Told Me
They told me I couldn’t become a swimmer. I was a runt of a kid. Everyday I had to fight their words. Dear friends told me I should must quit. Why? Because I could spend my time doing something, I was good at. I felt one with the current.
The glimmer on the water near the creek called to me. I wore my black swim trunks-my lucky ones I had thought at one time. You can blame my persistence on my grandfather. He told me about staying in water so still near weeds in his military training that he had to psyche himself out to be one with his surroundings.
“Here I come!” I yelled and cannonballed into the creek. I did a few laps until a stinging sensation covered my face and arms. I walked out and noticed my skin a shade redder. Sunburn. Ouch. Maybe, another time.
I walked inside, got some aloe and lathered it on myself. Cool. If I get that job as a delivery boy, I could save up for YMCA. Untill, then I’ll have to wait.
Days later, I got the call for the job! Awesome!
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 0 2
Meeting with a Raven
Margaret trudged through the snow to the woods. It was quiet. Tears streamed down her face. Too many times like this. When will it end? She found a pond and sat on a fallen log.
A raven landed on the log next to her. She scooted away.
It stared at her.
Should she move?
The creature picked up a twig off the ground and set it on her lap. She took it and drew in the snow a face. The raven took another twig and scratched on the ground.
“You’re an interesting bird,” she said, and sniffed. Margaret looked at her watch. “Goodbye, bird. I have homework to do.” She walked off as it tilted it its head. It flew above the tips of the trees as Margaret made it home before dark.
Margaret’s routine of dinner, homework and bed was the same. She puffed up her pillow with her hands, looked at the moonlight and sighed. “I don’t want to look at Jennifer. She sucks. She’s so mean. I’m going t
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 0 0
The Ultimate Spider-Bat: A Devious Business Deal
Chapter 2: A Devious Business Deal
The Joker skipped down the hall and pulled up an image on his watch. “You’re good to go.”
The ceiling burst open as a wire carrying a man decorated in question marks descended from a helicopter. He tipped his hat at The Joker and pointed with his cane to the exit.
Otto shouted at the menace who busted through the wall.
Joker laughed and tossed the man a vial as Otto intercepted.
“Not so fast.” Otto grunted. “Stealing Oscorp technology is a serious crime.”
“Oh, but it’s important to have it to stop someone. Riddle me this, what flies at night, is as dark as the moon as its jagged wings flutter about?”
“A bat.”
“What is this, some game? Who are you?” Otto demanded to know.
“I’m the Riddler. If you would return the vial to me, there will be no violence.”
Otto glared at the Joker and Riddler. “You have no right to this.”
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 0
Vacation time Verchiel by DryBonesReborn Vacation time Verchiel :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 2 Green Goblin Was Here (trade) by DryBonesReborn Green Goblin Was Here (trade) :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 4 6 Ockreveamped by DryBonesReborn Ockreveamped :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 2 2
You can call me call me lazy, that don't mean it's true.
I don't got to defend myself, the evidence speaks for itself.
Your words are only your opinion. Mine are based on facts- let that sink in
Treat me better or your gunna get it and Karma's going to dish it.
Who's lazy, it ain't me, I don't think so. Quit making me blue.
For your lies you'll give an account,  don't you even know yourself?
All nasty words you let out, is a reflection of your souls' complexion.
Accusers are abusers who need a taste their own evil; not dismiss it.
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 9
The Ultimate Spider-Bat
A menacing tower over looks much of NYC. Inside the building, a man peered out the window and turned to his desk and sat. Norman Osborn, dressed in a dark green suit tapped his finger on the desk reading over the latest headlines on his holographic computer screen:
           Third Black Market Broken-up by Batman
He mumbled with much sarcasm to himself, "Of course, flash around my logo on the crates. Not a good PR day. Who is this Batman?  It seems Gotham City knows more than I do about him."
A beeping noise grabbed his attention. He slammed his finger onto the button stopping the noise. The voice of a fellow person spoke through the speakers imbedded in his desk. "It's Otto."
"I hope the results are progressing. What stage is the formula?" He rubbed his chin.
"The final stages. I need to make a few more adjustments. I would be done sooner, but let's just say something I had hoped to obtain was confiscated by those in power."
"No more excuses, Otto
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 5
People were disappearing. Not just people, but Evos in general.
Rex's thoughts ran over in his mind as to why this was happening. He walked down the halls of a secret hide out within Providence Base on a cool Autumn evening.
Bobo ran into him in the hall.
"Hey, bub, watch the monkey."
"Oh, sorry Bobo."
"Why the longface Ace?" He looked up.
"Oh, nothing. Hey want to get a pizza?"
Bobo looked at his watch he had 'acquired' off of Six. "Sure. It's about time."
Rex formed the large gliders on his back, as Bobo held on to his shoulders and they took off into the night from the base. Screams echoed from on the ground.
He saw a shadowy vehicle hovering over a large deserted area as troops were chasing someone. The woman flew into the sky as the lights from their helicopters touched the edges of her wings. One was red and jagged, the other smooth like an angels.
Black Knight yelled louder from the helicopter. "Hurry!"
Rex's brows lowered. The communication link in his ear buzzed.
"We go
:icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 18
Chinese eyes practice by DryBonesReborn Chinese eyes practice :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 1 9 Seaspiderlineart by DryBonesReborn Seaspiderlineart :icondrybonesreborn:DryBonesReborn 2 0
My major love is writing, but equally drawing is something I enjoy as well. If I'm stuck at drawing, I write, if I'm stuck at writing I draw (or excersise), either way I enjoy both. I also have political drawings in my collections as well. Yes I do commissions, on necklaces, pom-pom creatures and more. Just ask. Not all of my gallery is composed of sketchy drawings. I post them up when I practice :)


New faces on the campus by jihef03 New faces on the campus :iconjihef03:jihef03 20 5 EDWARD SNOWDEN: THE MAN THAT CHALLENGED THE NSA by darthbriboy EDWARD SNOWDEN: THE MAN THAT CHALLENGED THE NSA :icondarthbriboy:darthbriboy 13 10
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For the Sake of the Boy by A-Little-Tea-Rat For the Sake of the Boy :icona-little-tea-rat:A-Little-Tea-Rat 20 9
The Anachronous (revamped) Chapter 1
In part he wished that he had never come up with that idea of having his base of operations at the asylum. Naturally it had been a plot worthy of remembrance: to run his master plan from a hospital bed so cleverly while faking a desire for a cure from a mental condition that did not exist. Old school, perhaps, but the proven schemes are proven for a reason. No matter how many times they are committed fools never catch on to them. But the doctors could not be blamed entirely. After all the short round physique, the baby face, and the tremulous little voice of Octavius had been put to good use.
Who would have suspected the behind the shudders and whimpers of such a pitiful mass writhing with guilt and terror in the bowels of the psychiatric system would be laughing inside at the incompetence of a concerned staff? They would be better suited for soothing traumatized children than trying their hands at hardened criminal masterminds.
But now he had been exposed for some time. His master
:icona-little-tea-rat:A-Little-Tea-Rat 2 5
FFM 22: The Auroran Space Mall
You've arrived at the Auroran Space Mall, a small space station created for the sole purpose of interstellar shopping. Dazzling noises, smells and sights assail you at every turn. To your delight, you're one of the only humans here. To fully enjoy your experience, you narrow down what you'd like to do to three choices. Choose wisely!
To take a trip to the perfume store, go to page 2.
To visit the cloning outlet, go to page 5.
To take a peek at the clothing boutiques, go to page 9.
Page 2
You decide to visit the perfume store. Colognes and scents for all genders and species line the shelves. A small, lizard-like alien approaches you and tells you that she has a special offer just for you, if you would just go with her to the back of the store. You could also ask another employee for samples.
To take the lizard-alien's “offer,” go to page 3.
To ask for samples, go to page 4.
Page 3
You follow the lizard alien through a door, where there's a
:icondoodlertm:doodlerTM 5 16
Not Fixing That by Zee63 Not Fixing That :iconzee63:Zee63 5 1 Anvit Randeria_PP_pg4 by anvit61 Anvit Randeria_PP_pg4 :iconanvit61:anvit61 1 0 Kaede by Dinker27 Kaede :icondinker27:Dinker27 4 4 Diamonds by hardcrowmao Diamonds :iconhardcrowmao:hardcrowmao 220 0 Quiet - Enjoying the Nature by AlexBlacklight Quiet - Enjoying the Nature :iconalexblacklight:AlexBlacklight 76 22 Ancient Sniper by ShittyHoliness Ancient Sniper :iconshittyholiness:ShittyHoliness 12 3 The poster for the Metal gear movie looks great! by ThreeTwoTwo32232 The poster for the Metal gear movie looks great! :iconthreetwotwo32232:ThreeTwoTwo32232 12 3 From altar to throne. by SigneSandelin From altar to throne. :iconsignesandelin:SigneSandelin 57 15 it's fluff by ghos-tea it's fluff :iconghos-tea:ghos-tea 3 0 Saw Whet Owl by InheritableLegacy Saw Whet Owl :iconinheritablelegacy:InheritableLegacy 2 3


Mon Jan 19, 2015, 6:18 PM

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I hope you all had a good one and think about you can be a change for good as well. 


I miss the chat working. Java all that jazz is installed. :(
So, what drew you to this site, is it related to your profession or not?
What do you do when you hear such a thing about your characters? How can you fix it when you have them eating, drinking, traveling already? What more can one make them seem alive?


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